Thursday, November 17, 2011

What to Avoid in Writing a College Essay

College essays are essential when applying for college. That is why many graduating highs school students are taking time to write the best college essay they can come up with for the University of their choice. If you are planning to write your own college essay examples, here are some things you should not include in your essay.
First of all, do not repeat information about your academic performance. Most students are unaware that this is not needed since there will be a team who will review your resume. If you write this, it will only make your essay look uninteresting.
Second, avoid writing about your personal growth. You can mention a few instances about what you have learned from your experiences but avoid being overly dramatic about it. It might create the wrong impression on your reader.
The next thing you should avoid when writing an essay is to avoid excessive praise. Let’s face it, almost everyone puts praises in their essay especially if they really want to be accepted in the school they are applying for. But writing too much praises will only sound like you are desperate to be accepted. You can write praises but don’t overdo it. A little praise about the college or university is alright but don’t exaggerate it. Do not overwhelm them with your praises. Remember that colleges will see how good you are as a person as well as your academic performance. Praises will not cover everything.
Lastly, take time to see any erroneous words. Check your spelling, typos and punctuation marks. Also be careful when you are constructing your sentences. Make sure that what you write makes sense and they are readable. Avoid using high words that does not relate with your essay. You may sound like you are trying so hard to sound intellectual. Make sure that the structure of your essay is organized. Write as simple as you can. The simpler your essay is, the better.

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