Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heartburn Home Remedies Alternative

Heartburn is known by many names. Indigestion, bloating, and dyspepsia are all used to define this condition, which in many cases, occurs after eatingThe exact cause of heartburn is not known.  Most symptoms are related to eating, drinking, and swallowing air, and emotional upset.  Excessive smoking, eating and drinking are the most common causes of heartburn.  It can often be prevented or minimized if you do not smoke before or while eating.  Smoking often causes one to swallow small amounts or air which forms air pocket in the digestive track with the added pressure of food.  Smoking also slows the ability of the body to digest food.  It is always good to know which foods cause you to suffer heartburn.  Most of the time, eliminating certain gas forming foods such as beans, cabbage, cucumber and onions from the diet brings an end to suffering.  Heartburn and its symptoms have been relieved through the use of antacids.  Many mild cases of heartburn respond well to medications that help to absorb excess stomach acids and increase the rate of digestion.  Liquid antacids most often work faster and neutralized stomach more quickly than pill or tablet alternatives.    It will also help if the heartburn sufferers keep a daily food diary so that they will be able determine what food causes the trigger of acid reflux.  There are several alternatives or heartburn home remedies available right in your own home or kitchen which are also promising if you are not comfortable in using synthetic medications.  

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