Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Makes A Good Paintball Barrel?

There are plenty of factors when it comes to selecting a paintball gun barrel.  One of the most significant things to ask your self is what position do you usually play, where do you like to play and what will help you the most.  You may also need to consider the need for distance, if you’re a scenario player, if you play a sniper position, if you want a barrel that produces lesser sound, if you want a shorter barrel to be used in a speedball field or a longer one in playing in the woods.  Either of these, it is important to choose what you think, fits you the most.  There are several of players that claim that a real paintball barrel is the one with small on the sides.  It can be true, but keep in mind that the first manufactured paintball gun barrels don’t have porting design and so; this implies that barrels with no porting can still be referred to as real paintball barrels.  Relative to this, porting design, in fact, really makes a difference in the flight of the paintball.  The number of ports or holes and where they are being placed significantly affect the route and speed of the paintball when fired off.  Furthermore, there are a number of players, though, who are not particular with how long their paintball gun barrel is and the performance of the gun.  Some believe that creativity also plays a relevant role in paintballing in which the color has to match their guns and it has to be of a certain brand.  However, there are also those who emphasize on the performance of the barrel than anything else related to the game.   While some other want personalized or customized selections of bore sizes, port sizes and the threading for various guns of different lengths.  It is advised to try to fire different gun barrels in order to differentiate its flight, sound and accuracy as well as how a barrel fits when coiled onto your paintball gun.  Therefore, it is never easy to choose a good paintball barrel.

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