Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What You Should Know About Various Genital Warts Symptoms

Human papilloma virus is an extremely contagious and transmissible virus that causes a most common sexually transmitted disease called genital warts.  More and more people have become very concerned with this condition, mainly due to lack of knowledge regarding its signs and symptoms.  It is essential that you know the different signs and symptoms of genital warts as to when you are uncertain, you can directly go to your doctor to prevent worsening of the condition and transferring it to your partner.  The virus basically attacks the person’s immune system making the person generally weak all over and is more prone to diseases.  It is also important to know that genital warts develop both internally and externally so that you wouldn’t think that you don’t have that just because you can’t see it.
The infection can stay for many years and sometimes, for your entire life.  On the contrary, the symptoms can appear several years after having infected and eventually, they get severe when disregarded.  Different symptoms occur to different persons.  You may notice red growing warts to some people and white to others.  Abrasions may appear pinkish while others have it as white patches.  Moreover, the surrounding areas of growing warts are often moist but in some cases, they are dry and flaky.  They can be painful, itchy and can produce vaginal discharges, but to some, nothing seems unusual.  The genital wart symptoms generally vary on the normal defense mechanisms of the body.  The worse you’re affected, the more symptoms you will have due to poor immune response.  Hence, prevent these symptoms from coming by having a regular visit to your doctor.

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