Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our New House With A Basement

My family has decided to move out of our house of 20 years to another location which is 4 hours away from the city. This is the first, big move that our family will experience. When we moved here, I was a very small girl and did not have any idea with what was happening then. Now that I am an adult, I feel the sadness in leaving a lot of memories behind – my fritends from school, my teachers, the animal shelter that I used to volunteer in, the park where my dog and I go to for an afternoon walk.

Of course, there is also the excitement of moving to a new place. My mother and father have been talking about the new house that we will be moving in to. It's a two-storey house, with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. It also comes with a finished basement. We have never had a basement, so I am thinking of ideas how we will design this one. I suggested we turn it into a library or an office where we can chill in whenever we need some quiet time. My mother wanted to make it her 'exercise room'. I am against this idea because the basement is not so big. Her treadmill will eat up a lot of space.

Last weekend, the whole family visited the new house. My mother and father luckily agreed to my suggestion that we turn the basement into a reading or working area. I pictured myself in a huge couch, wrapped up in a thick blanket with a good book, the dog quietly sleeping beside me. Our family can now go shopping for furniture for our basement which, I think, will become my favorite area in our new house. 

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