Friday, December 30, 2011

How Does Insurance Work To Make Profit?

There are so many types of insurance policies that are both good to have and required to have.  There are types you have to fish out because the state law said so while there are also types of insurance that are not mandated but rather a good thing to have.  In some states, more and more people called off their insurance policies because they think it’s not a very good idea anymore to pay for something you don’t need.  Sometimes during the recession in some parts of the country, these withdrawals of insurance have been increasingly swelling up.  On the contrary, you must know all the consequences of withdrawing your policy and you must consider the things that might hit in no time before deciding to annul the agreement between you and the insurance provider.
Keep in mind that insurance works more like a protection or security to the policy holder.  It is provided that when you get a policy, you are supposed to pay a certain amount, often called as a premium, to the company.  The premium will vary according to your needs, which is paid on a regular basis depending upon the agreement made between you and the insurance provider.  If you apply for a claim, the company will compensate all damages, loss and other expenses involved in the circumstances regardless if you’re total payment made is far lesser than the claim you’ve requested.  However, in cases wherein you’re lucky enough to avoid loss and damage, you will less likely make a claim.  Likewise, you will never have your money back and instead it’s banked together with other premiums paid by other policy holders.  This is primarily how insurance companies make profit.

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