Thursday, December 1, 2011

How Cheap Car Insurance Helped My Friend Recover

I have a 25-year-old male friend who brings his car to work daily. Everyday, he wakes up at 5 o'clock in the morning, takes his morning walk, prepares his breakfast and packs his lunch, then gets out of the house at 6 o'clock. He makes sure he goes out of the house at this time to make sure he avoids the morning rush on the freeway. As he was about to make a right turn on one of the exits, another sedan hit the left side of his car and my friend's car skid towards the right side of the road. The impact was strong, as he remembers it to this day.

He immediately remembered the accident that happened a few hours ago. As he woke up in the hospital bed, he asked the nurse where his laptop bag is. It is, after all, a property of the company and he will have to pay for it if it got lost. Of course, he also asked about his car. His car held a very special place in his heart, it was his father's gift to him a couple of years back when he just graduated from the university. When my friend started earning his own money, he got himself a cheap car insurance so he can still manage the bills at home. Luckily, the insurance company paid for the damages on his car. He was relieved to know that he did not need to shell out a lot of cash for the damages. Because of this, he was able to focus on his recovery and did not have to think too much about his car. He knew that the auto insurance company will take care of it.

Now my friend has recovered from the accident and he is very grateful that he got a second chance in life. 

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