Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Natural Allergy Remedies for Skin

Allergies are the immune systems normal response to harmless substances that it mistakes to be harmful to the body.  And the substances are called allergens.  Now when you come into contact to an allergen, your immune system starts to move and attack the substance that they thought are harmful.  If you are allergic to something that comes into contact with your skin, you might break out in rashes.  Choosing and taking the right medicine for your allergic symptoms are very crucial.  Knowing what is causing your skin allergy is the most obvious thing to do.  And after knowing the allergens, the next step is to eliminate and totally avoid the cause of the skin allergy although there are some substances that are not easy to get rid of.  Some skin allergen includes jewelry containing nickel or gold, some fragrances, formaldehyde, dust mites and others.  A patch test has been proven to be very informative for skin rashes and hives but, studies have shown that almost half the people who have undergone the patch test forget what caused the allergy.  A study of another root cause of skin allergy problem was conducted recently in Japan regarding dust mites and shows interesting results.  The researchers discovered that the feces from the dust mites have two enzymes that cause the human skin cells to break down for the dust mites to feed on and have shown to cause allergic reactions to some people.  Skin allergies are treated to eliminate further infections caused by the skin rashes.  Topical steroids are recommended and natural allergy remedies may also be an option.

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