Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Get a Discount Tire

Everybody with vehicles needs to buy new tires on discount eventually, either due to the excessive wear or due to an accident, but the reality is, tires do not lasts forever.  Choosing the right tire for your vehicle can be challenging especially for a new driver.  Prices of tires range from the ridiculously cheap to the amazingly expensive types.  When you need to purchase and want a discount tire, you need to consider some things.   First, decide how many tires you will be purchasing.  If only one or two tires need to be replaced and the others are still in good condition with good treads left, then go ahead and purchase only one or two tires.  Just make sure that the replacement tires are in the same class and the same size as the other tires and it should be placed on the rear.  Make sure also that the new tires are designed to handle the weight of the vehicle.  When it comes to tire size, do not deviate by more than 5% Except the Sports Utility Vehicle which are designed to allow up to 15% oversize tires.  Another consideration when choosing a replacement tire is to choose the tire based on the harshest weather you will encounter.  It is also wise to own two sets of tires for the winter season and all season, so when you get the tire in a discounted price, purchase two sets.    Sometimes discounter tire is not really a good bargain, do the math and divide its cost by their expected mileage.

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