Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Upgrade is What We Need!

Computers are the most used technology in the world today. This is because computers are very useful and reliable. We can make our reports, videos and other things on the computer. Sometimes, it can be really quite annoying and irritating if the computer that we are using is very slow or if it hangs. If the computer slows down or hangs then it only means one thing: the computer must be upgraded.
Upgrading the computer is a very hard task. We must know how to make your computer faster because we might cause damage to our computer. We can upgrade or computer or we can hire a professional.
These are the things that we need to realize how to make laptop faster. First is the RAM; upgrading the RAM of our computer simply means that there will be lesser time spent in opening different files at the same time. Second is the graphics card; upgrading our computer’s graphics card simply means more memory for our computer. Third is the processor; upgrading our computer’s processor simply means that there will be fast processing of applications. Fourth is the hard drive; upgrading our computer’s hard drive simply means that our computer can now store more files. Fifth is the network card; upgrading our computer’s network card will make our computer increase its speed in sharing documents or in using the internet. Sixth is the CD/DVD drive; upgrading our computer’s CD-ROM and DVD-ROM will increase our computer’s capacity in copying files or in backing up files. 

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