Thursday, September 8, 2011

Increasing computer speed

Computers are really essential for our daily living. This is because computers make everything easy from reports to downloading songs to downloading movies and etc. They make things easy because they work faster. But sometimes because of all the things that we put in our computer it becomes weak. Weak in a sense 
that the computer does not work fast anymore. How do we solve this?

So how to make your computer faster, these are the things that we should do: first, is that we have to remove all the things that the spyware of our computer collects. Our computer spyware collects personal information in the websites or pages that we visit. It also collects usernames and passwords. Second, is that we have to put programs that will protect our computer from viruses. These viruses can corrupt all the things that we saved in our computer. They can also destroy all the programs that are in our computer. Third, is we have to clean up our disk space. We have to remove temporary internet files, downloaded program files (Microsoft active X controls and java applets), empty the recycle bin, remove windows temporary files (error reports), remove optional windows component and installed programs that we do not use, remove unused restore points and shadow copies from system restore. Fourth, is that we have to speed up the access to our data. We should use our disk defragmenter and disk clean up every time we add a large number of files, install new programs or a new version of the windows operating program. That's how to make laptop faster once and for all.

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