Thursday, September 22, 2011

Info on Cable Internet

The cable internet is gaining more and more popularity these days. This is because the cable internet is the solution to the very slow dial up internet connection. The dial up internet connection is very slow because it has to be connected with a phone line and phone lines are prone to busy lines and signal interferences.  The cable internet is connected to the cable modem which is 10 times faster than phone lines.
The cheap cable internet does not only provide fast internet connection but it also provides regular cable channels. You can watch your favorite cable channels and at the same time use the internet.
Having a fast internet connection has a lot of advantages like enabling you to have more time for other things since you won’t be on line for a long period of time. The cable internet will also give you a high quality experience in on line gaming.
The advantages of cable internet are really great but before you decide to have one, you must also see first its disadvantages: The speed of the cable internet connection depends on how many people are using the connection at the same time; if there are a lot of people using the connection at the same time or at the peak hours, then you should expect that your connection is slower. Cable internet can also be very expensive and not available in some areas.

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