Thursday, September 8, 2011

Insurance companies being abused by game hackers

Insurance comparisons companies are not only limited on their offices in promulgating about the service they are offering. Quotes aren’t only taken from agents, seated on their desk waiting for customers who are asking about their company and for a quote estimate. Health insurance comparisons companies are surely extending their name across the net to all people of majority age.

Facebook is one of the social network sites where game developers are associating with for their game to be put into trial and error while at same time earning money from millions of FB users. There are games that require virtual money that has to be purchased for it to be used in the game and buy items. However, this is not the only way of getting virtual currencies. Aside from purchases, a user is also given the privilege in certain games to earn these virtual currencies by taking free offers. Someone who is residing in USA can pretty much benefit from these offers like taking a free auto insurance quote to earn the credits. While those who are residing outside USA may not be able to partake on this offer, they sometimes resort to a more aggressive alternative. They download software to automatically change their IP address to the ones similar with those residing in USA to be able to take this offer from certain insurance companies. They simply Google some information of random people over the internet and provide them on the required fields for them to be able to complete the offer and gain virtual currencies. 

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