Thursday, September 8, 2011

Medical School Training

In becoming a doctor, you have to undergo various trainings and enroll yourself in a medical school. Medical schools have different teaching methodologies depending on what country you are in.

You have to make sure that the medical billing training that you are going to enroll in is high standard and is highly recognized for quality medical education. During your first and second year in medical school, you will have to take up anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology and pharmacology. The medical training that you will have to undergo will be a mixture of classroom and laboratory time. You will also be trained on how to interview and examine patients.  During your third and fourth year in medical school, you will have to do rounds at hospitals and clinics and assist the resident doctors in surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine and psychiatry.

After your first four years in medical billing schools, you still have to continue your training. You have to learn how to learn how to handle patients by enrolling yourself to patient handling courses. You have to do volunteer works on an indigent populated community.  You also have to do long hours of medical rounds.

Having finished all these things, you have to think and decide on what medical field you would want to specialize in and educate yourself in that area. For example, you want to specialize in academic medicine or biochemical research, and then you should enroll yourself to a school that has strong research courses. 

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