Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Auto Glass has Two Types

The part of the car that is being used for the windshield, side and rear windows of the car is called the auto glass. The auto glass is mainly created for protection. The auto glass protects the driver and the passenger of the car from wind, flying debris and from being thrown out of the car when collision happens.

The auto companies during the 1900’s were the ones who first introduced the auto glass. As time goes by, these auto companies began developing and using the first type of cheap auto glass- the laminated glass (used for the windshield of the car). In 1940, they began and developing the second type of auto glass- the tampered glass (used for the side and rear windows of the car).

During those times, the auto companies have become realizing that the speed of the cars are increasing so in order to protect the drives and the passengers from the wind, from the flying debris, and from being thrown out of the car incases of accidents, they created the auto glass and developed the two types of auto glass.
Today, cars are still using the two types of auto glass but there are already additional features such as ultra violet protection, defrosting capabilities, shade bands, antennas, rain sensors that activate wipers or convertible tops. 

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