Thursday, September 8, 2011

OEM verus OEE

Car owners may opt to have their windshield replaced by the same materials. This is called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement where the glass material used is the same from the original one only that it doesn’t come from the same glass company as to where the original windshield was build. This can be very expensive for some people who are in a tight budget but in a hurry to have their windshield repaired. 

Car owners should realize that there is another viable option available in the market and is cheaper compared to OEM replacement. This is the OEE method of replacement that stands for Original Equipment Equivalent. This replacement method is also known as the aftermarket replacement. The specifications are not entirely the same or cannot be fully copied due to copyright and licensing properties. 

In cases of OEM, the manufacturers do have a contract from the original glass manufacturers allowing them to create the same auto glass from the same materials with the same specification. In cases of OEE, there is a deviation from the original windshield in the slightest for legalities. OEE is a cheaper way of replacing your car’s cheap auto glass at a reduced cost. The quality may be limited to 80 per cent as based from the original windshield so this might create some slight distortion but nevertheless is within the acceptable range.

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