Thursday, August 25, 2011

Signs that may Indicate Hypothyroidism

There are many people suffering from hypothyroidism these days and they don’t even know it. Since some of the symptoms are common, it is possible that it may increase your risk for heart disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, sexual dysfunction, infertility and a lot of health problems. So it is important that you know the signs and symptoms of this condition. To know what are the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, here are some of the common symptoms to watch out for:

·         Increase sensitivity to cold
·         Fatigue
·         Constipation
·         Sluggishness
·         Pale, dry skin
·         A puffy face
·         Elevated blood cholesterol level
·         Unexplained weight gain
·         Muscle weakness
·         Hoarse voice
·         Pain, swelling or stiffness of your joints
·         Menstrual irregularities/ fertility problems
·         Depression
·         Brittle finger nails and hair

When hypothyroidism isn’t treated early, signs and symptoms can gradually become severe. Remember that if the thyroid gland is constantly stimulated to release or produce more hormones it may lead to an enlarged thyroid. As a result, an individual suffering from this may become more forgetful or depressed. Some even have a slow thought process so be aware of these signs and symptoms before it your hypothyroidism gets out of control. It is always a good idea to consult your physician if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Earlier detection and starting a hypothyroidism diet also means early treatment.

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