Thursday, August 25, 2011

College Essay Examples

Senior year in high school means high school graduation, find a school, pass an application letter and most importantly pass an effective college essay. The college essay is your ticket in entering college. But how will you really make a college essay that will stand out among the thousands of college essay examples?

For your college essay to stand out, you will have to choose a topic that will really grab the attention of the admission officer. The college admission officer will tell you what to write. Before you write what he says, you must think of how you will add color to the topic. You can start with a one liner famous quote or an interesting fact. Write anything that will grab attention and is related to your topic. You can also add humor to your essay just don’t make it disrespectful.  Do anything that will make your college essay standout but make sure that the things that you will write is relevant to the topic.

Read your college essay over and over again. Let your family and friends read it also. If you happen to enjoy reading your college essay as well as your family and friends then this is a sign that you indeed have written an effective college essay. 

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