Thursday, August 11, 2011

Acid Reflux Problems

Acid reflux is a condition that affects almost everyone even infants. In the United Kingdom, acid reflux has affected 4.5% people and 5.4% people in the United States. Acid reflux occurs when the Lower Esophageal Sphincter, also known as, LES has become weak.

There are different causes of the weakening of the LES: there are the natural causes- foods that are rich in acid, lying down after eating a large meal, smoking and etc; and the serious causes- peptic ulcer, insufficient digestive enzymes, hiatal hernia, Gastro esophageal Reflux disease or GERD, esophageal cancer, esophagitis, and etc.

No matter what causes your acid reflux, it can be cured. Here are some remedies of acid reflux:
·         Select the right foods to eat. Avoid acid rich foods like Raw onion, French fries, mashed potato, Ground beef, chicken nuggets, Buffalo wings, marbled sirloin, Spaghetti with sauce, macaroni and cheese and etc. (search the internet for the list of acid rich foods)

·         Drink the right amount of water everyday. The advisable amount of water that should be drank everyday is 8 glasses. Following this will help you reduce the acids in the stomach.

·         Ginger and other natural acid reflux remedies. Some of this remedies work but some do not. Do not be disappointed if they don’t work.

·         Medications. You should see your doctor if you are in this condition so that he can give you the right prescription and the right treatment. 

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