Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Write an Awesome College Essay

So how can you write college essay examples that will stand out above others? While other essays are flowing with fancy words and deep analogies, this isn’t always have to be your style as well. Remember that these schools you apply to doesn’t need a speech but rather, an essay that can bring out who you are.

The real catch when writing a college essay is to connect with the audience. Write something that can move them instead of bragging about your achievements. We all know that studying isn’t all flowers and cotton candy so if you can write something about what you did to successfully pass high school then this is a good idea to start with. Write something that can elicit strong emotions that can make a lasting impression. But never brag about something you never did, this is where some applications fail. Be honest and straight forward. Write the reasons why you want to apply in their school and what their school can do to help you achieve your goals.

A college essay doesn’t have to be complicated. Just try writing in simple words and don’t forget to be honest about it. And as you do, have fun as you are writing it. 

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