Thursday, August 25, 2011

CNA Certification Test

Being a nursing assistant is a tough job because you will be taking care of people who are incapable of taking care of themselves. This is the reason why for you to become a nursing assistant, you have to have a certificate or a license.

In getting a cna certification or a license, you must first get a form in your state’s nursing aide registry, fill up the form, have it notarized and pass it to your state’s local licensing registry. Aside form this you will have to get another form- the local training verification form, send it to the school where you took the nursing assistant course and have them sign the form. In this way, the nursing aide registry will be able to know if the school that you have attended is part of their accredited program. After submitting these forms, you will now have to undergo a background check, a medical check up and a drug test. You will also have to pass a finger print card. The moment, you complete all these requirements; you can now take the nursing assistant licensure examination. If you pass the exam, you can now get your license or cna certification

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