Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Home treatments for hemorrhoid

People who are suffering from hemorrhoids are really having a hard time. This is because of the pain, the burning sensation and the itchy feeling as well as the bleeding. However, hemorrhoid home treatment  should not be feared because they are curable. You can actually heal it on your own.

Here are some of the hemorrhoids home treatment:

  • ·         Every After dropping the waste, you must wipe the anal gently with baby wipes and gently rinse water to it. 
  • You should avoid rubbing the baby wipes harshly to the anus- this will make the hemorrhoids worst. You 
  • must not rub the anal area while cleaning it. You should use soap that has no dyers or perfumes- this will irritate the anal. You should add petroleum jelly. 

  • ·         You must not sit or stand for a very long time while you have hemorrhoids- it might inflame them. If you have to sit for a long time then you should use a pillow.

  • ·         You must avoid lifting heavy things.

  • ·         You person must wear underwear that is made up of cotton so that moisture build up will be prevented.

  • ·         You must use clothes that are loose so that you can move freely- moving freely lessens the pressure in the anal area.

  • ·         You must have a bed rest for at least three days.

  • ·         You must take non prescription drugs like aspirin to ease the pain. 

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