Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Does General Motors Diet Consists?

In order to properly understand how General Motors diet actually leads to weight loss, it is very important that you initially know what it really is, what includes and how it works.  This diet is said to be created by the General Motors, an American company, for their employees.  After being proven by John Hopkins Research Center as a very good weight loss diet plan, the diet has actually created its name into the market and up to the present, it has never fail to impress the people with its efficacy.   This is a diet that sheds off 10 to 17 pounds in seven days.  How is it possible?  First of all, you should know that this diet is not the only option to lose weight as fast as possible.  The diet includes consuming specific foods that will help you burn calories and at the same time add calories but in lesser amount just so to maintain the functionality of your body.  This diet plan is executed for seven days with specific instruction of what foods you should eat in each day.  One very important reminder is never to drink alcohol while on diet and take as much water as you can every day.

To start with, keep in mind that a GM diet is very restrictive.  On day one, you are to eat any fruit you want apart from bananas.  Eat as much as you want since it’ll be your meal for the entire day.  On your second day, you will only have vegetables and most preferably, you should eat only raw vegetables as possible.  If you want cooked vegetables, make certain that you’re preparing with as little oil and salt as possible.  Your third day will have a delicious combination of fruits and vegetables. Again, consume as much as you can.  On the fourth day, you’ll have bananas and skim milk.  It is advisable that you eat eight bananas and three full glasses of skim milk for the entire day.  The fifth day is a buffet day since you will have beef and tomatoes for day which are good sources of proteins and iron.  Day six will be beef and vegetables mixed together.  Like the previous day, you can enjoy unlimited consumption with this food, provided that you only consume these varieties.  Your last day will be a feast since you will be able to enjoy your buffet of brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices.

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