Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weird Scholarships for Weird Talents

Of course there are hundreds and thousands of scholarships out there for the above average students as well as for the average students, and sometimes even for the feminist, free spirited students, the bookworms and the jocks.  But you know that you neither of the mentioned qualified but you know that you have strange talents and you really want to go to college but must rely on the scholarship money to make it possible.  Do not lost hopes because those talents that really make you stand out in a crowd are the same talents that could potentially earn you loads of cash for college.   It is not like your typical scholarships where the selection pool is enormous, with weird scholarships there is a specific strange criterion.  For example, having a unique name like Zoln is the only requirement to gain the unique scholarship.  There are loads of unusual, wacky and just plain strange scholarships out there.  For instance, the Billy Barty Foundation is awarding scholarship students who are short in stature with a height of only four feet and ten inches or under and have a proof of dwarfism.  Another strange scholarship is for those who have sweet tooth who just sit around and enjoy those tasty treats, and if you are interested in creating the next Snickers, being the National Candy Technologists Scholarship is the perfect outlet for you to put those taste buds to good use.  Remember that if you have weird talents there may be just an equally weird scholarship out there for you.

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